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San Francisco to El Paso 8-30 September 2017




San Francisco 8 September Friday

San Francisco 9 September Saturday


Aptos 10 September Sunday


Slates Hot Springs 11 September Monday


San Luis Obispo 12 September Tuesday


Santa Barbara 13 September Wednesday


Santa Monica 14 September Thursday


Fontana – 15 September Friday

Fontana – Loma Linda 16 September Saturday


San Clemente Sunday 17 September


San Diego 18 September Monday

San Diego 19 September Tuesday


El Centro 20 September Wednesday


Yuma 21 September Thursday

Yuma 22 September Friday


Gila Bend 23 September Saturday


Phoenix 24 September Sunday

Phoenix 25 September Monday


Tucson 26 September Tuesday

Tucson 27 September Wednesday


Wilcox 28 September Thursday


Deming 29 September Friday


El Paso 30 September Saturday




Pretoria to Cape Town, South Africa. 2-15 November 2016


2 November Potchefstroom

3 November Reitz

4 November Ficksburg

5 November Wepner

6 November Burgersdorp

7 November Miiddleburg

8 November Aberdene

9 November De Rust

10 November Oudtshoorn

11 November Ladysmith

12 November Swellendam

13 November Hermanus

14 November Hermanus

15 November Cape Town



The Netherlands/Belgium/United Kingdom/Ireland May 2016

Date of Arrival; always late afternoon.


May 3 Tuesday Antwerp

May 4 Wednesday Bruges/Terneuzen

May 5 Thursday Terneuzen

May 6 Friday Calais, Dover

May 7 Saturday London

May 8 Sunday London

May 9 Monday Brighton/Southampton

May 10 Tuesday Bristol

May 11 Wednesday Swansea

May 12 Thursday Fishguard/Roeselare/Wexford

May 13 Friday Cork

May 14 Saturday Limerick/Galway

May 15 Sunday Mullingar

May 16 Monday Dublin

May 17 Tuesday Belfast

May 18 Wednesday Belfast

May 19 Thursday Cairnryan/Glasgow

May 20 Friday Dalwhinnie

May 21 Saturday Whiteford

May 22 Sunday Dundee

May 23 Monday Edinburgh

May 24 Tuesday Newcastle upom Tyne

May 25 Wednesday Leeds

May 26 Thursday Petersborough?Harwich

May 27 Friday Hoek van Holland/Amsterdam



New York to San Francisco June/July 2015

Date of Arrival; always late afternoon.


1 June, Monday Arrival New York

2 June, Tuesday Prep

3 June, Wednesday leave New York early morning from Time Suare to Wilmington, Delaware

4 June, Thursday Ocean Pines, Maryland

5 June, Friday Arrive approximately 17:00 Operation Smile Virginia Beach

6 June, Saturday Operation Smile Virginia Beach (Not cycling)

7 June, Sunday Emporia VA

8 June, Monday Durham NC

9 June, Tuedsday Mocksville NC

10 June. Wednesday Asheville, North Carolina

11 June, Thursday Asheville, North Carolina (Not cycling)

12 June, Friday Knoxville, Tennesee

13 June, Saturday Mt Vernon, Kentucky

14 June, Sunday Louisville, Kentucky

15 June, Monday Louisville, Kentucky (Not cycling)

16 June, Tuesday Indianapolis, Indiana

17 June, Wednesday Remington, IN

18 June, Thursday Chicago, Illinois

19 June, Friday Oconomowoc, WI

20 June, Saturday Madison, Wisconsin

21 June, Sunday Madison, Wisconsin (Not cycling)

22 June, Monday Tomah, WI

23 June, Tuesday Eau Claire, WI,

24 June, Wednesday Minneapolis, Minnesota

25 June, Tuesday Minneapolis, Minnesota (Not cycling)

26 June, Friday rAlbert Lea, Minnesota

27 June, Saturday Ames, Iowa

28 June, Sunday Colfax, MO,

29 June, Monday Kansas City

30 June, Tuesday Kansas City (Not cycling)

1 July, Wednesday Nevada, Missouri

2 July, Thursday Vinita, Oklahoma

3 July, Friday Eufaula, Oklahoma

4 July, Saturday Paris, TX

5 July, Sunday Arrive approximately 17:00 Mercy Ships Tyler, Texas

6 July, Monday Tyler, Texas (Not cycling)

7 July, Tuesday Dallas, Texas

8 July, Wednesday Ranger, Texas

9 July, Thursday Sweetwater, Texas

10 July, Friday Midland, Texas

11 July, Saturday Pecos, Texas

12 July, Sunday Sierra Blanca, Texas

13 July, Monday Sierra Blanca, Texas (Not cycling)

14 July, Tuesday Vado, New Mexico*

15 July, Wednesday Lordburg, New Mexico

16 July, Thursday Benson, Arizona*

17 July, Friday Casa Grande, Arizona

18 July, Saturday Gila Bend, Arizona

19 July, Sunday Yuma, Arizona

20 July, Monday Yuma, Arizona

21 July, Tuesday Boulevard, California

22 July, Wednesday San Diego, California

23 July, Thursday Los Angeles, California

24 July, Friday Los Angeles, California (Not cycling)

25 July, Saturday Santa Barbara California

26 July, Sunday Santa Barbara California

27 July, Monday San Luis Obispo California

28 July, Tuesday Monterey, California

29 July, Wednesday Round Up San Fransisco

30 July, Thursday Round Up

31 July, Friday Departure


Dr Tertius Venter

Neurofibroma of the Nose

Cycle Miles for Smiles

2 Billion People have no access to Essential

Surgical Care

One Heart One Goal: To put Smiles on Hearts and Faces


Thank you for having supported us in the previous cycle tours and the longest 6 510 km /4 068 mile cycle tour over 58 days (11 rest and 47 cycling days) from Times Square, New York in two big smiles to Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, June 3 to July 29 as we care for the less fortunate and take essential surgical care where it is most needed